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  • 65% co-operator
  • 68.5 bcm of natural gas 2P reserves
  • 2016 start of production of Touat

  • Co-operators: GDF SUEZ and Sonatrach.
  • GDF SUEZ and Sonatrach formed the Groupement TouatGaz to co-operate Touat, the project in Algeria.
  • The Touat project covers 500 km² close to the city of Adrar in the Sahara desert.
  • 10 gas fields.
  • Proven and probable reserves: 68.5 billion m³ of natural gas and 8.5 million barrels of condensates.
  • Plateau production: 4.5 billion m³/year.
  • Planned production: 27 years.
  • Start of production planned for end 2016.

Getting started: In 2002, GDF SUEZ signed a production sharing contract with Sonatrach for the Touat region. Touat is located in South West Algeria, close to the city of Adrar in the Sahara desert. The region is 1,400 km southwest of Algiers and 700 km away from the giant field of Hassi R’mel, the centre of the Algerian gas system.

Exploration: The partners jointly led an exploration and appraisal campaign from 2002 until 2009. They drilled seven wells that confirmed enough natural gas to plan the development.

Development & joint venture: The development phase was launched in June 2009. In March 2010, Sonatrach and GDF SUEZ established the Algerian joint venture Groupement TouatGaz. Drilling for the first production well began in July 2012.

The works for development will consist in drilling approximately 40 production wells, in building a road, an airfield runway, living quarters and in gathering network and gas treatment facilities. They will also consist in installing a connection to the main pipeline that Sonatrach is building to collect the gas from South West Algeria and bring it to Hassi R’Mel (located around 800 km to the North).

Groupement TouatGaz
39, rue Belkacem Amani Paradou
16035 Hydra - Alger

Groupement TouatGaz established in 2010.